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Employee Engagement: Bringing Our Values to Work

Our values drive us and are what brings meaning to our lives. Knowing which values are uppermost in our minds is the key to leading a rewarding life.  To make the most of a values-led company, staff should be given the tools that enable them to understand how their own and the company's values might connect in a way that brings meaning to their life through work. 

Teaching and Learning Skills: understand more about how people learn
so you can teach new skills more effectively to other team members Use your senses to better understand learning patterns, recognise blocks to learning, and strategies to improve the learning state.

Learning to listen and think: helps others to think for themselves
There are ten behaviours that form a system called a ‘Thinking Environment, a model of human interaction that dramatically improves the way people think, and work. and live.  Listening – the quality of people's attention for each other, is the core of this method.

Positive Thinking in Times of Change: leads to a ‘can do' attitude
This session allows people to consider the business consequences of negative thinking and learn how to enhance positive practices that can be achieved at the flick of a mental switch. 

Recognise Peoples' Thinking Patterns: to communicate more fully
Some people are naturally goal oriented – others move away from pain.  We run patterns of thinking and behaviour that is outside of our awareness, yet our thinking has a major effect on how we respond to situations in the world. Understanding how people think and behave is the key when seeking to communicate, influence or motivate others or ourselves.

Change Behaviour: Motivational Techniques 
Does your work involve persuading others to change behaviours?   Clients instinctively know whether someone is reading them a script, or if they are an authentic speaker who practices what they preach.  Staff who ‘walk their talk' are more effective at instilling alternative beliefs in others.  This session requires you to bring along a small habit you would like to change, or a new skill you have always meant to, but never got around to acquiring. 

Creativity + Lateral Thinking: ‘Increase your Decision Making Options'. Borrow World Experts' thinking styles when searching for solutions
George Soros, the man whose advanced understanding of trends, attitudes and thinking patterns in the money market is said to have broke the bank of England, Desmond Tutu, peacemaker or Judge Judy, wise person, and apply their thinking to an area in which you are looking for solutions. Bring some issues or ideas you would like to work on.

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