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Extract from Motivate Yourself
Published Aug 2010 by Hodder Headline


Constabulary Magazine

Police Constable Nicola Tyers who reviewed 'Be Your Best …Motivator' for the Greater Manchester Police magazine 'Brief' wrote: "Includes interviews with successful motivators and demonstrates ways to 'blueprint' successful people. The book provides an excellent springboard for anyone serious about maximising their potential for success."

Selling Financial Services

Editor of Selling Financial Services, John Hancock wrote "Motivation is a hard notion to tie down and Frances Coombes could easily have produced yet another airy book of platitudes and feel good phrases.  Not only did she avoid that trap but, with the compact size of the book and the immediacy of her writing style, she has produced a potential self help standard."

Smart PA Magazine

'Be Your Best … Motivator,   is designed for people who don't have the time or money to attend long training courses or are not lucky enough to be managed and mentored by a motivational trainer."

The book is inspirational yet highly practical.  It aims to help you generate creative ideas, build confidence and the positive beliefs needed to achieve professional recognition and reach your goals.  Motivator offers simple yet effective techniques to help you think more imaginatively.


Alex McMillan, Founder of the 100K Club wrote. "Really enjoying it – when I thought I was the expert!"   

Ideas Management US and UK

Andrew Wood, Editor of Ideas Management US and UK wrote. "There are gallons on information in this pint size book that will inspire". 

British Association of Women Entrepreneurs

Arline Woutersz – President of the British Association of Women Entrepreneurs wrote. "I found Be your Best …Motivator  to be most informative."