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Frances Coombes is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming, (NLP) Master Practitioner, Performance Enhancement Coach and author of 'Be Your Own Best ... Motivator' published by Hodder & Stoughton.  She runs courses on 'NLP at Work' at the Mary Ward Centre and 'NLP and Manifesting Abundance' at the City Lit in central London, and personal development workshops and workplace trainings independently. For  workshop bookings email Frances Coombes.

Frances has been a journalist in the fields of employment, sales and motivational training, and for six years was a freelance feature writer for the London Evening Standard 'Just the Job' section. She is an expert contributor to Positive Health Magazine's Mind/Body Talk pages.  Her latest book in the Hodder & Stoughton 'Teach Yourself' range, 'Teach Yourself Self-Motivation' is available at main bookstores and Amazon .


'Motivator' by Frances Coombes                      'Self-Motivation' by Frances
is available
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for 5:50 inc p&p                                            all good bookshops